A Hummingbird For Thought

I make a lot of cupcakes, and I try to make them look nice too!  My most popular cupcakes at fairs are by far the cupcakes I sell with fondant hummingbirds on top.  I should really make these as hummingbird cupcakes, but I usually opt for lime and coconut cupcakes instead when I do these.

This was the first hummingbird topper I ever made, and I used it on a lime and coconut cupcake:

This is a more recent hummingbird topper I made, used on a chocolate and vanilla cupcake (and when my food photography skills had improved a little!):

As this one was for a special gift, I put it in a flower wrapper:

The theme for these cupcakes was blue and to be related to flowers.  So I made blue marshmallow head cupcakes, chocolate hummingbird cupcakes and blueberry cupcakes.  As you can imagine, the hummingbirds were the favourites!

I learned how to make these hummingbirds in a small book by sugar craft demonstrator, Frances McNaughton.

Eve x


4 thoughts on “A Hummingbird For Thought

    1. Thank you, I used to make these hummingbird cupcakes a lot, they’re very popular! And just to clarify, the mango cheesecake was a review of Mimi’s cakes, that one wasn’t my creations! I’ll have a look at those share buttons, thanks for the tip.

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