Sea Salted Chocolate Cake

This weekend was total bliss. It was the first weekend in ages where I had a day to do absolutely nothing. But of course, I didn’t actually do nothing…

Things achieved on Sunday:

  1. Cooked bolognaise for the week ahead
  2. Baked a beast of a chocolate cake
  3. Posted an anniversary card
  4. Worked out
  5. Went for dinner with Josh
  6. Went to Mary’s Milk Bar for plum sorbet
  7. Ran around Camera Obscura, also with Josh (got electrocuted)
  8. Met my brother and proceeded to get drunk
  9. Got locked in a toilet, screamed for a while and then picked my way out

I was very, very tired today. But, here is that giant sea salted chocolate cake I was talking about:

Photo of a chocolate cake.

It’s pretty decent if I say so myself. You can find the recipe in Hummingbird Bakery’s ‘Cake Days’…such a tease I know 😉

Adios amigos

and Happy Baking as always,

Eve x


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